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The word wiki is Hawaiian for "fast". That is the idea behind this website - a fast way to publish and edit information. At this point we are just exploring the possibilities of putting all of our library-related 'intelligence' in one spot that is easily accessible from a web browser.

The software powering this site is the same stuff that the Wikipedia uses, called mediawiki. If you have seen any of wikipedia, you have an idea of what can be put up here. We can pretty much put anything we want here - pictures, word files, PDF files, text, whatever you want. After the content is put online, it is immediately searchable.

Click on some links on the left to get an idea of what might be found here.

The backstory:

Matt came to me (Mark) one day asking if there was some software that we could use to put our policy manuals online, so as to provide easier access to the most current versions. I knew that mediawiki was what we would want to use. I installed it on the server that houses our email system, and started a few pages going to give folks the idea of what it might look like. Just an experiment. This may or not be what we use, if anything. We'll see... test

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