Maker Kits

Maker Kits are self-directed, STEAM-themed activities that contain all the tools and materials needed to experiment and create. They offer opportunities for hands-on creativity and experimentation for teens, tweens, and adults. The kits also have a variety of technology and non-technology activities to accommodate all interests. Explore circuits, origami, birding, recording music or podcasts, book-making, computer coding, wood burning, energy efficiency, and more with the library's Maker Kits. There is a catalog of all the kits at the Information Desk to browse if you need a better idea of all the contents. All kits are free to checkout and use for two weeks at a time. The intended age range is from pre-teen to adult, but most kits could be family-friendly activities, as well. All kits can be picked up from the Information Desk at Willard Library Downtown and the Checkout Desk at the Helen Warner Branch. Holds can be placed for the kits.






Bike Repair

This kit contains everything you need for a beginner bird watcher. Binoculars, a monocular telescope, a bird song identifier and an Audubon bird caller are all included. 


This kit contains resources to help you plan and design your home landscaping.


The bike repair kit contains the basic tools you might use to do minor repairs on your bicycle along with patches and a mini tire pump. 




USB Microphone



Makey Makey


If you are interested in learning a new instrument, this would be a good kit to check out.  The ukulele is a soprano and comes with a case and mini tuner.


You will need access to a computer for this kit. The microphone kit is a great tool if you are interested in recording podcasts, but it could also have other applications, depending on how you want to use it.


Turn the whole world into a keyboard. It is a simple Invention Kit for Beginners or Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between. You will need access to a computer for this kit. 

Sphero Robotic Ball


Arduino Kit




You will need a smartphone or tablet for this kit. Sphero is an app-enabled robotic ball. Download the Sphero app and learn how to move the “BB8 Droid” from Star Wars around. Learn, play, and explore with this awesome robot.   You will need access to a computer for this kit.  Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects.    The origami kit simply contains 6x6” origami paper sheets to use and keep and a book about origami crafting. 

Zine Book Making



Pyrography Woodburing



Brain Games


 Zines are short for “fanzines” or “magazines”.   Make an origami-inspired booklet and write about your favorite subject.    Pyrography is also known as wood burning.  You can use the wood-burning pen to burn designs on unfinished wood.   Exercise your brain with this kit.  It includes three single player games and a season of the show “Brain Games” by National Geographic.

Energy Efficiency

You will need an smartphone or tablet for this kit.  The FLIR camera transforms your phone or tablet into a powerful thermal imager. Simply attach camera to your Android device, and use it to detect issues in and around the home.