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Digital services are free and easy

Willard Library can save you money on your digital purchases each month! Gone are the early days of ebooks when you had to go through 47 steps (I counted once.) to transfer an ebook onto your device. Now, you can get ebooks, magazines, videos, and music conveniently and free with your Willard Library card and the following apps.

I use the Freegal Music app nearly every day. Stream commercial-free music for up to 5 hours a day, and download a handful of songs each week to enjoy when you're away from Wi-Fi or out of data. I use this both on my computer and on my phone, and my iTunes bill is practically nonexistent now. My current fav is "Old Town Road."

The RB Digital app saves my household money on magazine subscription costs and reduces clutter! The app works with Apple and Android devices and has recently been made available for the Kindle Fire. Before I go on a trip or head out for an appointment, I'll load up my tablet with magazines. I like the comics from "The New Yorker," the wildlife photography in "National Geographic" and "Birdwatching," and my KMid news from "US Weekly."

OverDrive (AKA Libby--same collection, different style of access) also works on both mobile devices and computers. Willard provides access to ebooks and audiobooks through this service, and the apps can be customized for a kid-friendly student view. You can search for "available now" titles, or you can be on hold for an in-demand title. If you have a struggling reader in your household, you can select a special font for dyslexic support.

Hoopla Digital has ebooks, audiobooks, movies, TV, music, and graphic novels. Willard cardholders can download eight items per month. The really great thing about Hoopla is that everyone in BC could download the same title on the same day without a wait. If you have elementary students in your life, you may be interested to know that many of the titles from the Scholastic book orders are available here. My family recently got caught up on the "Whatever After" series by Sarah Mlynowski. I like fractured fairy tales.

We watch circulation trends closely at Willard Library, and after observing months and months of increased use of our digital collections, I am certain that if you haven't tried one of these apps, you are really missing out.

Leah is currently listening to "The Alice Network" by Kate Quinn with the Libby app.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021