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Foreign Movie Fun from Korea, Japan, and Ireland

Foreign movies, like books, offer the ultimate escape from the norm of daily life. Let's travel the world and go back in time with these great foreign movies:

  • Northern Limit Line (2015). If you like military dramas such as Black Hawk Down and Men of Honor, you'll enjoy this gut-wrenching movie about the 2002 sinking of a South Korean naval ship by the North Korean navy along the Northern Limit Line that killed five and wounded 19. Be warned that this movie is graphic; if you're a crier like me, be prepared for tears!
    • Language: Korean with English subtitles
    • Fun Fact: Film contains real footage of the memorial service held for the fallen crew at the end
    • Availability: You can watch this movie on Hoopla
  • Lu Over the Wall (2018). This modern day Little Mermaid tells the tale of a small fishing village living in fear of the mermaids over the wall until Kai, a reclusive teen with a love of music, befriends Lu, a child mermaid with a love of dancing. Together, they bridge the gap between their communities to save Kai's village from impending disaster. This fun movie inspires laughter while showing you the importance of friendship and community (This is a good one for Willard's Summer Challenge!). Both children and adults will love this colorful take on a well-known story.
    • Language: Japanese with English subtitles
    • Fun Fact: In some Japanese folklore, "Ningyo" means "human fish" or "mermaid"
    • Availability: You can watch this movie on Hoopla
  • Once (2007). This is what I would call an anti-musical: a musical drama but without the pomp and glamour of Rent and Hairspray. This movie follows a vacuum repairman/busker in Dublin, dreaming of becoming a songwriter and winning back his past love. Drawn by his music, a Czech woman with troubles of her own decides to join him in his musical endeavors.
    • Language: Characters speak in heavily accented English; subtitles may be required
    • Fun Fact: Neither character's names are ever spoken in the movie; they are listed in the credits as "Guy" and "Girl"
    • Availability: You can find this movie in the Media area at Willard downtown.

Jade is reading "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous" by Ocean Vuong.
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