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Find a Job!

You may now search for jobs from Willard Library's website.

AtoZ Databases is a very useful resource made available through the Michigan eLibrary (MeL). Just go to > Online Resources. Click on the AtoZ Databases icon. This service may be accessed from your home computer and a library card is not required.

The "Find a Job" tool is very easy to use. Type in a city and any other keywords you want (examples: manufacturing or health care). You also can get keywords from the Popular Categories list.

Here's a pro tip: To prepare for an interview, search the company your're interviewing with on AtoZ Databases. There's an easy "Find a Business" search feature right next to the "Find a Job" tab. Then you can ask them about details of their business that you find, and don't forget to look at their website. You've done your research!

There's also a "Find a Person" tool at AtoZ Databases. It's a great way to look up someone's address or phone number if it is published.

Also, you can create mailing lists and generate sales leads. Atoz Databases offers intro videos and an online training center where you can learn how to get the most out of it.

It's a great source of information, it's free, and pretty darn user friendly.

Matt is reading "The In-Betweens: The Spiritualists, Mediums, and Legends of Camp Etna" by Mira Ptacin.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021