A day without coffee is almost unheard of in our household, but it wasn't always like that.

The search for the perfect cup of freshly roasted beans has gradually grown during the past five years.

In 2015, we traveled to a coffee farm in Costa Rica, where we sipped that yummy liquid gold throughout the day and soaked up all we could about the farm-to-cup process. And then it dawned on me … this is not my parents' coffee.

New consumer habits have driven a cultural shift in the way we are drinking the second most traded commodity in the world. The hundreds of variables that go into making a good cup of coffee can be an overwhelming educational process, which is why the library organized a group to tackle those brewing questions.

Books and coffee have always gone very well together, which makes Willard Library the ideal venue for a coffee club.

Our new venture will meet once a month to sample and discuss all things coffee. We hope to collaborate with local shops and provide a unique educational experience for our community to improve local coffee culture and awareness.

Connecting with other coffee drinkers to discover the how-tos of making the optimal cup will open up new ways to enjoy your favorite drink. Each month will feature a specific topic from brew methods to cupping. It will be the perfect opportunity to stay on top of coffee trends and meet up with other local coffee connoisseurs.

We'll hope you will join us at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 6, at Willard, and don't forget to bring your mug.

Jenny is currently reading It's Not Supposed to be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst.