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Spotlight on foreign films

Foreign movies, like books, offer the ultimate escape from the norm of daily life. Let's travel the world and go back in time with these great foreign movies:

White God (Fehér isten, 2014). This Hungary present-day film follows the life of Hagen, a mixed-breed dog. He is abandoned on the streets of Hungary after the father of his beloved owner, Lili, refuses to pay the mongrel tax on mixed-breed dogs. Hagen navigates the streets of Hungary searching for Lili, as the cruelty of humans make him hostile and vicious.

    • Language: This film is in Hungarian and has subtitles.
    • Fun Fact: Out of the 255 shelter dogs used in the making of this movie, 98% were adopted!
    • Availability: You can find this movie in the Media area as well as on Netflix.

Innocent Voices (Voces Inocentes, 2004). In October 1976, El Salvador broke into a civil war that lasted 12 years. During that time, children were recruited against their will as child soldiers. Voces Inocentes follows 11-year-old Chava in his daily life from dodging bullets and gunfire during the night, and hiding his allegiances during the day while still trying to retain his childhood of excitement, adventure, and first love.

    • Language: This film is in Salvadorian and has subtitles.
    • Fun Fact: Voces Inocentes writer, Oscar Orlando Torres, fled war torn El Salvador to the United States alone as a child.
    • Availability: You can find this movie in the Media area.

Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002). In 1931 Australia, three half-caste (mixed-race) girls are forcibly taken from their aboriginal community settlement in Jigalong, in an effort by the government to assimilate them into the dominant British culture. This film depicts the sister's harrowing escape and nine-week long journey home with only the rabbit proof fences as their guides.

    • Language: While the film is primarily in English, some parts are spoken in the Western Desert Languages of Aborigines.
    • Fun Fact: Rabbits became a problem in 1859 when 24 English rabbits were released for hunting and reproduced into nuisances. Three rabbit-proof fences were erected to control the problem.
    • Availability: You can find this movie in the Media area.

Please note some subjects and scenes may be difficult for some viewers to see. Viewer discretion is advised.

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