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Three great books to download

As our shelter in place order continues and your reading pile dwindles, here's a look at three popular reads that can be downloaded with Willard's Overdrive or Libby apps.

  • "Little Fires Everywhere" by Celeste Ng
    With the release of Hulu's series adaptation of "Little Fires Everywhere," Ng's novel has topped lists and charts from Amazon to book clubs. The novel (and series) tells the story of Mia and her daughter, transients living out of their car, when they find themselves in the affluent neighborhood of Shaker Heights, OH. When Shaker Heights resident Elena Richardson invites Mia and her daughter to rent living space from her, the women find themselves in a place of secrets and obsessions that threaten to tear apart their lives. 
  • "The Illness Lesson" by Clare Beams
    A recent release, "The Illness Lesson" is historical fiction taking place in the 19th century. This story follows Caroline, a young student attending her father's all-girl boarding school when a mysterious virus sweeps over the students with troubling symptoms. Rather than inform the girls' parents, her father employs the help of a physician to administer horrifying treatments and experiments on the girls. As much as Caroline loves her father, she must find a way to save herself and the girls not only from the sickness but from these sinister treatments as well.
  • "The Glass Hotel" by Emily St. John Mandel
    This highly anticipated release has made its way onto various lists from Amazon Bestsellers, The New York Times' Bestsellers List, and Harper's Bazaar while receiving amazing reviews. It's a story about "crisis and survival" that takes Vincent, a bartender at a five-star hotel in Vancouver, to Manhattan with Jonathan, a dangerous criminal who she pretends to marry. Years after the pair's split, the aftermath of their crimes resurfaces. 
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Monday, 23 May 2022