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We’ve Got Your Back

This month, Willard began automatically renewing most checked out materials.

We continually strive to give Willard guests better experiences and automatic renewals does just that. We researched this new service, and it's a big win for Willard guests.

The "We've Got Your Back" campaign's goal is to let everyone know that most materials will be automatically renewed.

Three days before materials are due, guests will receive an email with an update on their new due dates.

DVDs and items that have holds are not eligible for renewal. The due dates for those items will remain the same.

We hope that people who may have been hesitant to use library services because they might incur fines will visit the library and check out materials.

This new service will save people time as they don't have to track their materials' due dates and if they aren't done with them either go online or call the library to renew, she said.

Items may be renewed up to three times.

Amanda Paffhausen is reading "The Unwinding of a Miracle" by Julie Yip-Williams.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2021