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Your Next Great Read: Fall Fixations

Are you curious about what your favorite library staff members have been reading these past few weeks? Check out these staff picks:

In the early 1970s, David L. Rosenhan, a psychologist from Stanford, conducted an experiment in which eight sane volunteers checked themselves into asylums and documented their diagnoses and treatments (medically, physically, and emotionally). Cahalan expands upon Rosehan's 1973 article published in Science and the various studies it has inspired.

-Recommended by Jade, Reference

In Brit Bennett's new best-seller, we find twin sisters living vastly different lives: one of them is "passing." This is a generational tale that spans from the '50s through to the '90s about how these sisters (and their prospective families) intertwine.

- Recommended by Mac, Community Engagement and Local Digital Collections

Margot Lee is a first generation Korean woman grappling with the discovery of her mother, Mina's, body. Margot and Mina's lives become interwoven as Margot digs through her mother's history and what led her to flee to America to pursue the "American myth of reinvention."

-Recommended by Kristine, Public Relations

Spanning over a single day, this new B.A. Paris page turner. The Dilemma jumps perspectives. On Livia's 40th birthday, a secret threatens to destroy her family, friends, and the party her husband has thrown for her.

-Recommended by Amanda, Circulation and Branch Senior Manager

An action-packed science fiction that deals with a neuro-epidemic that has victims seeing memories that are not their own.

-Recommended by April, Deputy Director

Fans of Piper Kerman's Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison will enjoy this read. In this memoir, Tiffany Jenkins recounts her fall into addiction and the lowest point in her life that set her on the path to withdrawal.

-Recommended by Kara, Administrative Assistant

"Hey weirdos" starts every podcast, dedicated to a notorious serial killer, urban legends, cryptids, and unexplained events. From Ted Bundy to the mystery of JonBenet Ramsey, Ash and Alaina provide information on these topics in a light, often humorous way. In no way do they diminish the horrors of these topics, however, this podcast would be more palatable for those with a budding interest in the weird and unexplained.

-Recommended by Chelsea, Reference

This self-help book expands on the question of what drives success. Duckworth's research takes us into the stories of cadets, teachers, sports coaches, high performing CEOs, and various others.

-Recommended by Matt, Deputy Director

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