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Your Next Great Read: Recommendations from Willard staff members

If you're curious about what your favorite library staff members have been reading, listening to, and watching these past few weeks? Check out these staff picks:

"The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water" by Zen Cho

"Matrimony Inc." by Francesca Beauman

"Solutions and Other Problem"s by Allie Brosh

-Recommended by Jade; Reference Librarian

"The Wife Upstairs" by Rachel Hawkins

"One By One" by Ruth Ware

-Recommended by Kristine; Public Relations Librarian

"Tiger," a Tiger Woods documentary on HBO

Recommended by Stefan; Digital Media Librarian

"The Spanish Princess" TV series

-Recommended by Cathy; Director

"Garden of Small Beginnings" by Abbi Waxman

"I Was Told It Would Get Easier" by Abbi Waxman

-Recommended by Amy; Reference Librarian

"The Secrets She Keeps" by Michael Robotham

Big Mad True Crime (Podcast available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible and others)

-Recommended by Kara; Administrative Assistant

"Bridgerton" (Netflix series and book series by Julia Quinn)

-Recommended by Tynisha; Youth Services Manager

Jade, a reference librarian, is currently reading "Solutions and Other Problems" and listening to "At Night All Blood Is Black."

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Sunday, 23 January 2022