COVID-19 has affected each and every one of us in different ways. Please help us preserve our local history by sharing a picture representative of your experience, or that of your family, as well as your story during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Upload a photo representative of your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and write a paragraph about your experiences or thoughts about this time.


Willard Library will compile the images and stories representative of this pandemic and make them available to the public.


Please read the following guidelines before submitting your content:

- All accepted items will be made available for public research by Willard Library.

- By submitting content, you are granting the library non-exclusive (shared), royalty-free license to preserve, modify, and share your content for public research, educational use, exhibits, or publication, including in print or online.

- Willard Library reserves the right to remove content that it considers duplicative, inappropriate, or outside the scope of this project. The library is not obligated to include your content in this project or preserve it in perpetuity.

- Please only submit written or photographic material which you own or have created.

- You must be 18 years of age or older to submit content.  If you are under 18, please ask a parent or guardian to submit content on your behalf.


- I represent that I am the sole owner of the uploaded materials and that I have full right and authority to donate these materials to the Willard Library. I understand that the location, retention and preservation of the materials, and other considerations relating to their use or disposition, will be made in accordance with Willard Library policies that the material may be made available for research on an unrestricted basis. I understand that the donations I am making are permanent donations.

- I grant Willard Library a non-exclusive right to authorize all uses of these materials for research, scholarly, or other educational purposes and to display the materials in Willard Library sponsored exhibitions, displays, catalogs, and publications. Some of the discretionary uses incidental to the donated materials’ inclusion in the collections of the Willard Library may implicate copyrights. To the extent that such activities are not already permitted under statutory copyright exceptions such as the Fair Use Doctrine, I grant the Willard Library an irrevocable non-exclusive royalty-free worldwide perpetual license for all reasonable discretionary uses.

- I understand that my submission will be moderated before being made available publicly. Willard Library reserves the right to not accept a submission should it not fit the theme and intent of this project, per the discretion of Willard Library staff.

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